Sunday, February 21, 2010

The beginning.

I have been doing needlework, beadwork, and sewing since my Nana (great gramma) taught me from age 4. I learned how to tat, how to make laces, and how to bead laces. My mom decided that I needed someone else to teach me to sew. She got me my own sewing machine, so I would not ruin her beloved "high tech" Singer. I loved my manual Singer, until it got lost in a move.

Mom sent me to the nearest Joann's for lessons, and well some projected turned out and well others did not. I had to learn to keep my sewing from ending up into the little black hole of sewing death, where you have to remove the face plate, and cut the gigantic thread nesty apart that formed.

I now am heavy into quilting, and sewing. In 2000, I made a King sized Hawaiian quilt from a kit for my mom, that took me 19 months to hand quilt on a set of tiny frames. Never again.

Since I bought my first Janome 2 years ago I have made 14 baby quilts, 2 lap quilts, and now I have finished my first king size quilt top that is going to a lady with a long arm machine for quilting. All I will have to do is hand stitch the binding. This blog is about current projects.


  1. I like this one too. The colors are great and the set up reminds me of the old Qbert video game!

  2. I think you have just given me the title for this quilt Wendy...

  3. Wow, Nay, that is AWESOME!!! I love this quilt!!!

    ~ Mary (mssouthernbelle)